Validator Profile:

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1nqy7pllmkelu0x9zymr2jewrdadw4mag75cgyt
Self Delegate Address: agoric1nqy7pllmkelu0x9zymr2jewrdadw4magwvtpc2
Commission rate: 10%
Location (Country): Portugal, Spain, Korea

  • Pro team of 15 tech specialists
  • High-performance server hardware located in the largest data centers in Europe
  • One of the top 130 validators in the industry in Europe
  • Full project launch cycle
  • 2 years of experience with launching more than 140 Nodes in various networks.

Other networks that we validate:
Mainnet networks: Polygon, Celestia, Kusama, Velas, Oasis, Hydra, Eth 2.0, Polkadex, Centrifuge, Aleph Zero, Cudos, Forta, Ki Chain, Umbrella, Q Network, BitCountry, NYM, Lum, Kava, Evmos, Chihuahua, Clover, BitSong, Axelar, Umee, Agoric, Kyve, Humanode, Aleph Zero, Pokt, Near, Octopus (Fusotao), Octopus (Discovol), Aura, Basilisk, Calamari, Odin, Shiden, Razor, Uptick, Rebus, Passage, Ceramic, C4E, Comdex, etc.

Services provided to delegators *listed only few examples, not all services:

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Hello everyone,

Our mainnet node was jailed on June 3, 2023 and we would like to comply with the delegation rules, provided in “OpCo Delegation Program Policy”

Technical problem - equipment failure, the server froze.
Human factor - inoperative reaction of support to notifications of the monitoring system.
Due to the fact that it was Saturday, support was slow to escalate the problem, so there was a delay in restoring the server and this caused validator jailing due to low uptime.
The problem occurred around 0:30 UTC and the validator stopped signing blocks.
Support escalated the problem to the technicians around 16:00 and at 16:30 server operation was restored.
Measures have been taken to replace the server and work with support to reduce the response time for critical failures.

Validatrium Team

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