Validator Profile: StakeAngle


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper13pkmjguqfjyct7jf32fezqd53590l7mtg2cnwc

Self-Delegate Address: agoric13pkmjguqfjyct7jf32fezqd53590l7mtcjt6je

Commission rate: 5-10%

Location (Country): Germany, France, Poland


Our team is experienced in running validators in Layer-1, Cosmos-based and Polkadot-based networks, we currently operate in 22 Mainnets (Agoric, Aptos, AssetMantle, Aura Network, Bostrom, Cere Network, Chain4Energy, Desmos, FirmaChain, Gitopia, Gravity Bridge, Humans, Kava, LikeCoin, Nym, OmniFlix, Pylons, Stargaze, Tgrade, Umee, Uptick, Velas) and 12+ Testnets. A full list of supported networks is available on our website:

We also bring additional value to project ecosystems by write of node installation guides and lists of CLI commands, provision of RPC / API / gRPC endpoints, State Sync services, and operation of IBC relayers. Currently supported projects:

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Discord: kappaross


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