Validator Profil: Syd Staking

Validator Moniker: Syd - Agoric FR Staking Community

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1j7ywdpe77ysau0kg6ssy9w0ly9y7pavdc22f49

Self Delegate Address: agoric1j7ywdpe77ysau0kg6ssy9w0ly9y7pavdgjeqfy

Commission rate: 4.00%

Location (Node): Germany, Western Europe


I’m a French Validator and community builder aiming to offer a straightforward staking service for French Community with an affordable commission. My goal is to give reliable staking but also an easy-to-access point of contact for everything regarding staking or Agoric, to French-speaking members, which is why I am also currently managing Agoric French Telegram.

• Website: Syd Staking Agoric Validator

• Twitter: @Crypto_Syd

• Discord: syd._


Devnet Validator

French Telegram Admin

How to chose your Validator and how to Stake on Agoric - A French Guide