Validator Profile: FairStaking

Validator Moniker: FairStaking
Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1gg272pvj5vpdzu058pc7kkdggyh7xguplckddy
Self Delegate Address: agoric1gg272pvj5vpdzu058pc7kkdggyh7xgup0q9y39
Comission Rate: 9%
Location (Country): Indonesia, Asia
Description/Bio: FairStaking is professional validator and node service provider based in Indonesia. Currently we are supporting over 10 projects on Mainnet and Testnet. Our service provider is using excellent cloud provider like Google Cloud Provider (GCP), Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Hetzner.
In the Cosmos ecosystem, we have provided our great service with projects like Nyx (currently we are choosen as one of small group that running Nyx node), Namada (Anoma project), and Agoric.
We have participated in the Agoric Non-Incentivized Testnet (early), Agoric Incentivized Testnet and now on we are on Agoric Mainnet as genesis, we have 100% uptime.

Other node we validate: Mina Protocol, Near, Polygon, TheGraph, Stafi, Meter, Fantom, HOPR, Desmos, SUI, Aptos, and Regen.

Discord: aliefaisala#3118

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