Validator Profile: StakeWithUs

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1c9ye54e3pzwm3e0zpdlel6pnavrj9qqvyfzg08
Self Delegate Address: agoric1c9ye54e3pzwm3e0zpdlel6pnavrj9qqv533pnx
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Singapore

Description/Bio: StakeWithUs has been running secure staking nodes since early 2019. We are a team of 9 engineers and specialists who are passionate about crypto. Currently, we validate on >20+ protocols across various ecosystems. We are also the only staking infrastructure provider in the world to be backed by a governmental fund (SGinnovate).

Services provided to delegators: Besides managing production nodes, we also run indexers (subgraphs), bridges (connext bridge) and relayers (for IBC). We operate a non-custodial yield aggregator called Unagii that allows users to connect their web3 wallet, and earn yield (and vote on governance issues) on selected crypto assets without hassle. We provide 100% SLA on uptime slashing (we have never been slashed before).

Contact Info/Socials

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @stakewithus and @unagiidotcom
  • Telegram: @unagiidotcom
  • Email (support/community): support@unagii. com


  • Staking and governance voting dashboard: Unagii App
  • Once a quarter, we run Cosmos ecosystem specific events via Cosmos Singapore. Happy to run a session for Agoric the next time the team is in Singapore.
  • Public RPC/GRPC/LCD (check our github)
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