Validator Profile: STAVR

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper16w8w9l89av0vey6gdreatkuh43n69u7je2t7l2
Self Delegate Address: agoric16w8w9l89av0vey6gdreatkuh43n69u7jfjchrt
Commission rate: 2%
Location (Node): Netherland

The STAVR team has been working on blockchain security and verification since 2020(in the crypto industry since 2017). We are trusted by over 3,500 delegates and and securing more than 7.5M$ in user funds across of projects based on blockchains such as Cosmos Solana Polkadot Etherium and several unique proprietary blockchains.
Our team offers professional node operation with a focus on safety and reliability, low commissions, best uptime and 24/7 customer support. Active participant in all projects we validate, IBC repeater and network service provider since 2022.
We currently support over 85 networks, of which 49 are on the main network (You can view a non-exhaustive list by following this link → ) (The full list can be seen on our github obajay (STAVR) · GitHub). We use Ansible-based examples as orchestration tools.
As such, our validator infrastructure is carefully designed and always ready to be redeployed as soon as possible.
Our servers are located in well-known data centers in America and Europe. Our providers guarantee > 99% uptime as well as advanced data center standards (such as failover backup, cross-datacenter mirror backup, power backup,
cooling, networking, private access, remote notification, etc.) and certified security practices. Guardians and backup servers are used in case of DDoS attacks or failures

:fire:Our Mainnets -->>
Quicksilver, Kusama, AGORIC, Juno, Haqq, NYM, Kyve, PROVENANCE, UMEE, Forta, EVMOS, Canto, Stride, Rebus, Bitcanna, Empower, Gitopia, Composable, Lambda, Jackal, Aura, Mars, C4E, Andromeda, Cyber, GRAVITY BRIDGE, Pylons, Teritori, Source, Uptick, Nois, Realio, Shentu, Lum, Terp, MEME, Band, HOPR, Tgrade, SAO, SGE, Bitsong, DIG, BeeZee, Konstellation, SIFCHAIN, Rizon, Genesisl1, Arkh

:fire:Our Testnets -->>
Teritori, Crowd Control, Source, Hypersign, UMEE, Bitcanna-Dev, Jackal-Testnet, Quicksilver, Lava, OKP4, Althea, Andromedad, Dymension, Juno, Ojo, Nois, Aura, Elys, Cascadia, Composable, BonusBlock, C4E, Noria, Empower, Opside, Taraxa, Arkeo, SelfChain, Entangle, Fleek, Santiment, Tangle, SGE, Avail, Mantra ,Entrypoint, Band

Currently, members of the STAVR team are also helping projects in the role of LifeGuard/communityLeader/Validator_Assistant in the Stride, Idep, SourceChain and Eywa projects.
Participated in ambassador programs SupraOracles, Moonbeam, Covalent, Solanium and Joystream.

Our contributions

  • Building a community
  • Writing Threads
  • Educating
  • Administration and moderation of channels

Providing technical contributions:

  • IBC Relayer
  • Archive Nodes
  • RPC Nodes
  • RPC Scanners
  • SnapShots
  • StateSync
  • Seed/Peer Nodes
  • Testnet/Mainnet Nodes
  • Writing scripts and bots
  • Writing Guides and training material for the community

Contact Info/Socials

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