Validator Profile : Indonode

Validator Moniker: Indonode

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1llcs6xwp6gdv4t2krmyupfjjr0xyuwk9npyhzs
Self Delegate Address: agoric1zunkq6ug6ufa4drtufn9dc7eu7lg4fxemcdlx0
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Indonesia
Description/Bio: I am an independent validator based in Indonesia, driven by an unwavering passion and deep commitment to ensuring the utmost security of blockchain networks. My expertise lies particularly in the realm of Cosmos, where I have honed my skills and cultivated a profound understanding of its intricacies. With a professional approach and a meticulous attention to detail, I strive to provide exceptional validation services, contributing to the stability and integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.

The Node has been meticulously established in strict adherence to the recommendations provided by the esteemed Agoric team. We have taken into account every crucial factor, incorporating robust dedicated servers, comprehensive security measures, frequent upgrades, vigilant alarm systems, and diligent monitoring protocols. By prioritizing these essential elements, we ensure the highest level of reliability, performance, and protection for our clients’ blockchain networks.

We have actively engaged in the Agoric testnet, gaining valuable experience and expertise. As validators, we also leverage our social influence to contribute positively to the blockchain community.

Other Mainnets networks that we validate:
Quicksilver , Planq , Acre , 8Ball , Acre , Nolus , Lambda , Chain4Energy , Point , Decentr , Terp , Relaio , Gitopia , Bitcanna

Other Testnets networks that we validate:
Blockxnet, Celestia , Ojo , BonusBlock , Nolus , Defund , Elys , Terp , Cascadia , Composable , Archway , Quicksilver

Services provided to delegators : We have complete node guide for Validators , RPC , API , GRPC , Snapshot , Statesync , Live Peers , Genesis Mirror , Addrbook , Explorer

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