Validator Profile: KysenPool

Validator Name: :globe_with_meridians: KysenPool Build :building_construction:

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1pf4dt8kcyc0vjrfedgckw57la9tarmx0mt439g
Self Delegate Address: agoric1pf4dt8kcyc0vjrfedgckw57la9tarmx0tnxcef
Commission rate: 10%
Location (Country): US, EU

Unlock the Power of Staking with Our Trusted Blockchain Infrastructure Services

Our infrastructure is a hybrid of data centers (with Hardware Security Modules / HSMs), and multiple Cloud providers. Our mission is to help decentralize the Proof-of-Stake blockchain ecosystem. We’re highly familiar with the Tendermint-based blockchains. We’re continuously seeking out interesting projects with strong team backgrounds that are open to bootstrapping their decentralized protocols further by working with us to contribute into their ecosystems in multiple ways

Services provided to delegators:

We not only run a validator service, but we also have a Dune-like analytics dashboard called CosmosOutpost ( and a highly densed and targeted social media outreach with weekly digests on Twitter ( and Telegram (Telegram: Contact @kysenpool) channels Our team is located around the world to improve our operations and building insights for the chains we support.

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