Validator Profile: CryptoCrew Validators

:white_check_mark: CryptoCrew Validators

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1s8kfsaa8g45ucwkkthl9ccagmecmj4uxdu2hkj
Self Delegate Address: agoric1s8kfsaa8g45ucwkkthl9ccagmecmj4uxaye72n
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Nodes: EU, Company registered in Austria/EU
Description/Bio: CryptoCrew Validators is a reputable blockchain infrastructure provider, validator and IBC relayer, based and registered in Austria. The company is committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and security. With a global network of decentralised bare metal servers, the team utilises remote signers as well as advanced security and monitoring systems, all overseen by a dedicated 24/7 on-call team.

Chains validating: Cosmoshub, Osmosis, Injective, Juno, Secret Network, Terra2, Kujira, Gravity Bridge, Stargaze, among many others!

CryptoCrew Validators serves as a core contributor to various Cosmos chains, including the Persistence and Comdex networks, while maintaining close collaborations with other prominent projects, such as Osmosis Labs, Juno Core, Injective Labs, and Secret Labs, and more.

Recently emerging victorious in the “Game of Chains” Interchain Security incentivized testnet, CryptoCrew is well-positioned for the expansion of the AEZ. Eager to propel Interchain adoption, the team is expanding its presence within the Cosmos ecosystem and embarking on multiple new projects in 2023.

Services provided to delegators: In the past year, CryptoCrew Validators has been instrumental in securing more than 30 interchain networks and facilitating well over 5 million IBC transactions, solidifying its position as a key IBC-Relayer in the Interchain ecosystem.

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  • CryptoCrew agoric-3 mainnet relayer: agoric12aeyaxq699k3f4d3733dl5pstw0ulplkggt2x6
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