Validator Profile: BlockHunters


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1symf474wnypes2d3mecllqk6l26rwz8mwr9wu5
Self Delegate Address: agoric1symf474wnypes2d3mecllqk6l26rwz8m7mk8q4
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Romania
Description/Bio: BlockHunters is an infrastructure company, running a highly scalable operation in non-custodial staking that is providing nodes, relayers, tools, content creation and different custom resources within the ecosystem and networks we are involved in.

Primarily, BlockHunters is focused on Cosmos network with a large presence in the active sets of over 30 major networks: Cosmos Hub, Axelar, Sommelier Finance, Carbon, Juno, Evmos, etc. and several testnets as well: Babylon, Dymension, Lava Network, etc., with the plan of expanding further into a multitude of projects, other ecosystems and networks even outside of Cosmos.

Our mission revolves around web3 and ethical practice, most of our projects having been chosen in accordance with this philosophy and a healthy set of principles. This is also reflected in our average uptime (99.8%) and dedicated personnel using custom build monitoring tools to ensure all of our delegators are safe.

The purpose of our operation is to provide reliability in securing a high number of chains, coupled with support and vision behind a team of dedicated crypto enthusiasts with skills spanning an eclectic number of domains. Thus, our team is always expanding and it now includes roles and expertise in blockchain engineering, DevOps, business development, PR, administration, network infrastructure, and more, having a core membership of 9 people with external help on the side whenever needed. We have been active in the ecosystem and deploying nodes since 2020.

Our infrastructure is exclusively high-spec Bare Metal, with a mix of local private data centers, based in Bucharest, Romania and global service providers, with most of our projects being carefully attended through the in-house servers we have exclusive access to. The physical hardware and bandwidth capabilities we put in place are able to sustain a long-term expansion into areas we are prepared to announce as we grow the project organically.

We have been, and, still are, actively deploying IBC relayers and multiple features in order to facilitate interoperability for the Cosmos ecosystem.

Other networks that we validate
Mainnet: Cosmos Hub, Axelar, Sommelier Finance, Juno, Stride, Carbon, Gravity Bridge, e-Money, Evmos, Nomic, Chihuahua, Crescent, Lum Network, Rebus, Teritori, Rizon, Dig, Pylons, Desmos, KI Chain, Konstellation, MediBloc, BitCanna, Provenance, Starname, Odin Protocol, AssetMantle, Canto, Bluzelle, Iris,, Neutron

Testnet: Dymension, Babylon, Lava Network, Router, Shardeum, Massa, Taiko, Subspace, etc.:

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