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Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1tfmed8ueaxrmdsvkecrae6renyxjct8xwdkes5
Self Delegate Address: agoric1tfmed8ueaxrmdsvkecrae6renyxjct8x749sv4
Commission rate: 3%
Location (Country): Portugal, Ukraine.

Hello, we’re the w3coins team.
Our team specializes in validating and has extensive experience in this field. There are 11 members, including four seasoned devops engineers who possess eight years of server administration experience in our team.Our services include auto restaking for our clients, participation in project development and voting, and support for new projects through node launching and validation.Our company has a robust monitoring system that runs 24/7, ensuring that its servers are functioning optimally at all times. In case of any unexpected occurrences we have alerting systems to notify the team of any issues, allowing for immediate resolution of any problems that may arise. Our services has tools for validators such as daily snapshots, state-sync , peering services.
We’re validating major projects such as: Cosmos Hub, Injective, Oasis Network, Avalanche, Band Protocol, Nym, IRISnet, Secret Network, Akash Network, Regen, Umee, Agoric, Nolus, Fetch ai.

Contact Info/Socials
Twitter: @w3coins_io
Email (support/community):


[Operate validator in devnet](

Our team has done some technical contributions such as:
Public endpoints
Check it on our web :

To support the blockchain communities we run IBC relayers between:
Agoric <> cosmos hub
Agoric <> Osmosis
Agoric <> Umee
Agoric <> Crescent
Agoric <> Axelar
Check it on our web :

Technical tutorial on setting up Agoric node (en/ru)

Have done Video: What is Agoric and how to set up node
En -
Ru -

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