Validator Profile: PathrockNetwork


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1uemhjcameshyrts58p38rkd7vmmfsry4z4xn3m
Self Delegate Address: agoric1k4ydpx5acfm3ycarrs6dzyp9dqsnwefkzh5ay9
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Germany, Estonia
Description/Bio: PathrockNetwork is a secure non-custodial staking as a service provider for PoS blockchain projects based in Germany and currently supporting over 30 projects on mainnet.
We have extensive experience in running Validators / Nodes, RPC’s, Relayers and other infrastructure for different mainnet protocols. The projects we currently support can be found on our website

We are part of Agoric since early non-incentivized testnets, took part in the incentivized testnet and also part of the mainnet genesis set.

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