Validator Profile: kjnodes


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1ku5sm2twlsywdrp4wz3kfwgyrtqtp0lpr3nvk8
Self Delegate Address: agoric1ku5sm2twlsywdrp4wz3kfwgyrtqtp0lpnfq92x
Commission rate: 10%
Location (Country): Latvia

Description/Bio: We are POS Validator trusted by more than 4000 delegators and securing more than 2M$ in user funds across Cosmos universe. Active ecosystem contributor, IBC relayer and chain service provider since 2021. Our team specialize in providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Cosmos projects. Currently we support 48 chain from which 20 are mainnets. We use our own ansible playbooks as our infrastructure orchestration tool. So our validator infrastructure is highly templated and is always ready to be re-deployed in no time.

Our services include base tools for validators like daily snapshots, state-sync and peering services.

Chain tools for Agoric that our team provides can be found at

In addition we are running IBC relayer service doing more than 50k transactions per month between chains we are operating in as validators. Check out our IBC relayer profile at

IBC channels we operate for Agoric:
- ‘channel-1’ # agoric-osmosis
- ‘channel-320’ # osmosis-agoric
Cosmos Hub
- ‘channel-5’ # agoric-cosmoshub
- ‘channel-405’ # cosmoshub-agoric
- ‘channel-13’ # agoric-kujira
- ‘channel-61’ # kujira-agoric
- ‘channel-59’ # agoric-stride
- ‘channel-148’ # stride-agoric
- ‘channel-60’ # agoric-archway
- ‘channel-20’ # archway-agoric

Our portfolio can be found on our website at

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