Validator Profile: Bro_n_Bro

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper190kjvwntzl7m0034ua2d6xnwr8h5nwh92p08jg
Self Delegate Address: agoric190kjvwntzl7m0034ua2d6xnwr8h5nwh96euwwf
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Poland
Description/Bio: At Bro_n_Bro we are dedicated to advancing the Cosmos ecosystem by delivering innovative solutions and services that drive growth, enhance security, and promote collaboration within the blockchain space. Through our proven track record and ongoing initiatives, we have solidified our role as a reliable and valuable Validator in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Our Infrastructure:
We take a precision approach to our infrastructure setup. Most of our nodes run on bare-metal servers distributed across multiple locations, ensuring reliability and performance.

Current Projects and Contributions:

  1. Monitor Boards - Real-time Insights
  2. Validator Proposal Bot - Efficient Proposals Tracking

Active On-Chain Governance:
We are actively involved in governance, as we believe it is essential for network progress. We value community engagement and transparency. We discuss our decisions with our delegators on Twitter and our Telegram group, and we encourage open dialogue. Together, we shape the future!

Contact Info/Socials:

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