Validator Profile: P2P.ORG

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1pplpr0r32duzty7vl20vfqxqn5v47txjz7dkjz
Self Delegate Address: agoric1pplpr0r32duzty7vl20vfqxqn5v47txjjx7lwr
Commission rate: 8%
Location (Country): Cayman Islands, Cyprus
Description/Bio: launched in 2018 with a mission to build its vision of a decentralized future and empower stakers with non-custodial opportunities. With over $1.6B staked assets, has emerged as a leader in the space. Being pioneers in the field, the team at has played a pivotal role as an early validator on various networks.

P2P.ORG offer secure non-custodial staking and institutional Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider solution with slashing insurance, trusted by crypto-banks, exchanges, funds, and institutional service providers. It has rich experience in running White-label nodes, Validator-as-a-service, RPC nodes, DRPC and Data Platform for blockchain analytics.

P2P.ORG supports multiple testnets and provides non-custodial staking services from the first block of mainnet in 40+ blockchains including Cosmos Hub, Ethereum, Polkadot/Kusama, Solana, TheGraph, Flow, and many more.

Our team has valuable experience in operating highly-available infrastructure utilizing the world-best DevOps practices spread across the world.

Besides P2P.ORG a genesis seed investor in Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana and the venture incubator of, and (P2P Capital).

Other Cosmos networks P2P.ORG validates:
Mainnet networks: Cosmos Hub, Oasis, Vega, Kava, Evmos, Axelar, Agoric, Kyve, Regen, NYX, QuickSilver, Crescent, Gravity Bridge, Persistence, Mars Hub, Islamic Coin etc.

Services provided by P2P.ORG:

  • Re-layers
  • Indexers and APIs
  • Foundation delegations programs: Regen.
  • Data Platform/Dashboards/Data Analytics support
  • Marketing, Community Integration and Active governance participation
  • Other infrastructure opportunities: Oracles, UI Hosting, Protocol Nodes, and any other complex infrastructure solutions.

Contact Info/Socials


  • Devnet Validator - P2P.ORG
  • Run a Chainlink Oracle node
  • Develop tooling for protocol developers
  • Develop Agoric Indexer
  • Develop Inter Protocol Dashboard
  • Wrote How to staking article
  • Run private RPC nodes for devnet and mainnet (plan to publish them)
  • Launch IBC relayers (in plan)
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