Validator Profile: ZanshinDojo


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1lyd2kep0syxkawnxm857cn9wlc578j8e4ygnny
Self Delegate Address: agoric1lyd2kep0syxkawnxm857cn9wlc578j8e9um609
Commission rate: 10%
Location (Country): EU and US
Description/Bio: ZanshinDojo is a genesis validator on the Agoric network, operated by a team of security and privacy focused professionals with extensive experience securing and operating web-scale infrastructure. We leverage a combination of colocated and cloud hosted infrastructure to deliver robust security and high availability.


  • Emerynet validator

  • agoric-terraform: Terraform harness for deploying Agoric infrastructure (no longer maintained)

  • ansible-cosmos: fork of @polkachu’s awesome repo of ansible roles to deploy and maintain Cosmos SDK infrastructure. Includes working nodejs and cosmosvisor support for Agoric