Validator Profile: Enigma


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1dg9pxl5etfnhl40xdxr8uuc0hx88my3eecevrs
Self Delegate Address: agoric1dg9pxl5etfnhl40xdxr8uuc0hx88my3efq29l3
Commission rate: 5.0%
Location (Country): France
Description/Bio: Enigma is a validator running on more than 35 Cosmos chains like Cosmos Hub, Axelar, Sei etc …
We have a strong experience with deploying and monitoring Validator/Full nodes.
We are also builders of several tools which interact directly with the Cosmos SDK like faucets, IBC Monitoring tool and EVM supported monitoring for many chains.


⁃ The discord IBC client bot that aim to monitor and update automatically all the IBC client when they are about to expire.
⁃ The discord relayers wallet bot that aim to monitor and alert when a relayer’s wallet is almost dry.

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