Validator Profile: TienThuatToan

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1pplpr0r32duzty7vl20vfqxqn5v47txjz7dkjz
Self Delegate Address: agoric1zm6pyg5mg9tflzd6uttqyxaz558xyd6yqsdrm2
Commission rate: 3%
Entity name and Location: TienThuatToan, Vietnam. Vietnam is where people put the biggest share of their money into cryptocurrency, according to a study by U.S. blockchain data platform Chainanalysis.
Infrastructure location: Multiple cloud-based and dedicated servers with different service providers.
Type of hardware we run: We use dedicated servers at the data center and cloud servers for our sentries. The sentries are located in Singapore, Japan, Germany, etc.
Team: 2 DevOps engineers.
Years of experience: Validating since 2019.
Best Practices: suitable monitoring and alerting systems, highly secure key management, and extra backup data
Voting Framework: When there is an ongoing proposal, each team member looks out for the further details that are needed to get a better view of the proposal in question. After the time provided for the team to think through and come up with some ideas as well as arguments supporting them, we come together and have internal discussions for every proposal. The discussions go on as long as we come to the same decision about whether to vote for or against the proposal.
Other contributions to ecosystems: We have the advantage of community development. Currently, we have more than 100,000 members on social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

Please visit our websites at for more information.

Services provided by TTT

  • Re-layers
  • Indexers and APIs
  • Data Platform/Dashboards/Data Analytics support
  • Marketing, Community Integration and Active governance participation
  • Other infrastructure opportunities: Oracles, UI Hosting, Protocol Nodes, and any other complex infrastructure solutions.

Contact Info/Socials

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