Validator Profile: Qubelabs


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1x34ru60cx0jhaeucnwccg904q26yycw7jmgxxt
Self Delegate Address: agoric1x34ru60cx0jhaeucnwccg904q26yycw7zrm062
Commission rate: 8%
Location (Country): Croatia, Slovenia
Description/Bio: Qubelabs is an independent group of validators, network contributors, and community builders. We have extensive blockchain experience and have been actively contributing to the ecosystem since 2019. Our contributions range from validation and infrastructure services to community management and network development. Our primary focus is on developing strategic partnerships with projects throughout their entire lifecycle, beginning with the early stages and continuing past the launch phase.

Services provided to delegators: Slash protection and 24/7 support, infrastructure services like IBC Relaying, RPC/API endpoints, snapshots, and educational guides.

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