Validator Profile: MoonletWallet

Moonlet Wallet

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1q8teur40emyun60et4wh5z6yj5669stg5hy05e

Self Delegate Address: agoric1q8teur40emyun60et4wh5z6yj5669stgy0hxgc

Commission rate: 10%

Location (Country): Romania

Description/Bio: We are Moonlet a key node operator covering over 50 blockchain networks (to name a few Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Celo, TheGraph, Near, Wormhole, etc.), with over $50M in AUM (Assets Under Management) and 18k delegations to our nodes. In the past 5 years, Moonlet has been involved in many initiatives building non-custodial staking services (on both desktop and mobile environments), joining incentivized testnet competitions, supporting the launch of several mainnets, and achieving excellence in aggregating technologies on top of blockchain networks.

We are experienced in running Cosmos SDK-based validators, as well as other nodes on bare metals across Europe and can provide infrastructure on other continents as well. Our validators operate on high availability setups and we maintain security best practices across our infrastructure.

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  • Public RPC Node

  • Emerynet node: agoricvaloper1n2yj90dazmq27rpsetekcpzsdxeluangac99an

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