Upcoming Events

Use this thread to post about upcoming Inter Protocol events.

Inter Protocol and Shade Protocol are coming together to celebrate the Cosmos ecosystem, providing NFTs, BLD & SHD prizes for any Cosmonaut who cracks our code this week and joins us at the Cosmos Stablecoin Summit.

Crack the secret code and you can mint a limited Secret Network NFT. Mint the NFT and you will win yourself a portion of the combined $5,000 BLD and SHD token prize pool! Simple as that.

You must be holding the NFT in your Keplr Wallet to qualify!

There will be 3 pieces of the secret code hidden within Inter Protocol and Shade Protocol communications this week as we build up to the inaugural Cosmos Stablecoin Summit. You have to find all 3.

Clues could be hidden anywhere, but you’ll know when you see (or hear) them.

Give both @inter_protocol and @Shade_Protocol a follow on Twitter, and join our community channels for hints and clues throughout the week to help you on your way.

Good luck Cosmonauts! You have until December 20th to participate!

You can still sign up for the Stablecoin Summit!