Around the Cosmos - April 24, 2023

The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly moving, and evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news and developments across the vast network of independent communities. That’s why every week I will start a thread to share and discuss news from Around the Cosmos.
While I do my best to keep up I can’t catch every update from every chain, so I invite members of the community to contribute to the conversation and share any news that may have been missed. Together we can make these threads valuable information resources for the Agoric community and others!

Around the Cosmos This Week

Shade Protocol launches ShadeSwap followed by the launch of SILK and ShadeLend:
ShadeSwap announcement:
SILK & ShadeLend:

Shade also announced Agoric as the first incentive partner for ShadeSwap with SHD+BLD incentives for SILK:IST and SHD:BLD pools: Agoric x ShadeSwap - The StableSwap for the Cosmos

More from SCRT… Secret Network has announced Secret Surge campaign bringing DeFi incentives to Shade Protocol, Blizzard, Sienna and SecretSwap: Secret Surge DeFi Incentives are Live! | Secret Network Blog

Juno releases “Blueprint for the Future”, a vision for the future of JUNO: JUNØ — EVOLUTION: A blueprint for the future. | by Junø ⚵ | Apr, 2023 | Medium

Interchain Foundation shared a blog post on ‘The Principles of Collaboration’: The Principles of Collaboration | by Interchain | The Interchain Foundation

Neutron proposal to become the first Cosmos Hub Replicated Security consumer chain is live:
Onchain vote: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation
Discussion: [Proposal #792][VOTE ON-CHAIN] Launch Neutron on Replicated Security - Add Consumer Chain - Cosmos Hub Forum

Icon Network based NFT marketplace Craft announces plans to go “Interchain” by launching on Neutron:

Stride governance votes YES to migrate to Cosmos Hub replicated Security:
Onchain vote: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation
Discussion: Commonwealth

Lastly for ATOM… the ATOMAccelerator DAO announced the first batch of grant recipients:

Onto Osmosis… OSMO tokenomic updates have been accepted by governance!
Forum discussion: Commonwealth
Onchain votes:

FLIX token is live and available on the Omniflix developed StreamSwap, now live on Osmosis:
StreamSwap website:

Stargaze Discussion about STARS tokenomics update started in Commonwealth: Commonwealth

Berachain raised $42million in a private round:
Thread explaining Berachain:

Do you have comments/questions about the updates shared, or know of any news that was missed? Comment and share below!


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