Around the Cosmos - May 15, 2023

The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly moving, and evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news and developments across the vast network of independent communities. That’s why every week I start a thread to share and discuss news from Around the Cosmos.
While I do my best to keep up I can’t catch every update from every chain, so I invite members of the community to contribute to the conversation and share any news that may have been missed. Together we can make these threads valuable information resources for the Agoric community and beyond!

Link to last week’s post: Around the Cosmos - May 8, 2023

Around the Cosmos This Week

Big news for Cosmos Hub - Neutron successfully launches becoming the first Cosmos Hub consumer chain.

Stride Zone’s proposal to become a Cosmos Hub consumer chain has passed:

First round of ATOM Accelerator DAO grants has been processed:

ICF publishes their 2023 Q1 Funding Program Report: ICF Funding Program Quarterly Report: 2023 Q1 | The Interchain Foundation

Elsewhere in the ecosystem…

Sommelier announces Arbitrum expansion:

Upcoming Cosmos chain Nolus Protocol, the first DeFi Lease platform, raises $2.5million in pre-seed and seed rounds:

Sei Network Litepaper is now available on the Sei blog: The Sei Litepaper

Gitopia announces Game of LORE and genesis ceremony ahead of mainnet launch on May 17:

Archway announces grants program:

Kyve Network becomes the latest chain to enable IBC:

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