Around the Cosmos - October Summary: Agoric at Cosmoverse, Cosmos Hub & the AEZ, Celestia, dYdX, and more!

:atom_symbol: Welcome back to Around The Cosmos! :atom_symbol:

It’s been a while since I have posted one of these, but we are back with an in depth summary of what was a very busy October for the Cosmos ecosystem.

The Cosmos ecosystem is constantly moving, and evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest news and developments across the vast network of independent communities (as can be noted from the missed summaries of late). That’s why I share these threads to discuss news from Around the Cosmos.

While I do my best to keep up I can’t catch every update from every chain, so I invite members of the community to contribute to the conversation and share any news that may have been missed. Together we can make these threads valuable information resources for the Agoric community and beyond!

Starting with some Agoric updates:

Moving beyond Agoric and onward into the Cosmos:

Cosmoverse took place at the start of October and you can catch the recordings on their YouTube page if you missed the event or just want to re-watch a particular presentation:

Cosmos Hub and the ATOM Economic Zone (AEZ) had a busy month:

And continuing beyond the Cosmos Hub…

Circle and Noble bring USDC to Cosmos using CCTP:

Celestia mainnet launched:

Celestia also announced Arbitrum integration:

Celestia was busy as they also introduced Blobstream: streaming modular data availability to Ethereum:

dYdX mainnet went live!

dYdX Trading also updated it’s charter to become a public benefit corporation:

Nomic brought nBTC to mainnet in celebration of “Bitcoin Whitepaper Day”:

Avalanche Subnet project Landslide announced IBC integration for the Avalanche AVAX ecosystem:

Juno Commwealth Charter was proposed and has gone to the voting period:

Archway and Dorahacks announce a quadratic funding round:

Ki launching Atlas RWA protocol

Injective introduced Nexus:

Secret Network introduced a new roadmap including their Confidential Computing Constellation:

FHEnix - The First Fully Homomorphic Encryption-Powered Blockchain to Bring End-to-End Encryption for Web3 :

Nym announces $300m innovation fund:

I’m sure there were more updates out there that may have been missed in this post. Do you have comments/questions about the updates shared, or know of any news that was missed? Comment and share below!

Tune in next week as we get back to regularly scheduled Around the Cosmos posts!