Shout-out to Shade Protocol

At Inter Protocol we are committed to supporting projects that share our vision of interoperability in the thriving Cosmos ecosystem.

Among them is Shade Protocol– an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi applications built on Secret Network.

Our view that privacy is an expectation and a human right strongly aligns with Shade Protocol’s principles. At a very high level, the stable token designs of both protocols differ accordingly:

IST for broad accessibility
SILK for transactional privacy

Shade Protocol’s SILK stable token is over-collateralized. That is, it’s pegged to a basket of global currencies and commodities with the goal of being a perpetual hedge against macro volatility and inflation.

Inter Protocol on the other hand is composed of smart contracts on
Agoric, to be used in decentralized finance applications on external chains.

Thanks to the upcoming ShadeSwap, SILK pools will give users the ability to swap between native stable tokens, with less slippage and with better privacy preserving features.

This is ideal for DeFi usage across IBC and that’s exactly why we’re excited about it! Stable pools encourage more liquidity, less volatility, and enable further adoption.

As the #Cosmos stable token race kicks into high gear, we believe healthy competition and collaboration within the space can greatly benefit the entire ecosystem.

Working together plays a huge role in speeding up crypto adoption.

In case you missed it – we’ll be joining several protocols and speakers for the Cosmos Stablecoin Summit on December 20th!


Big ups to Shade Protocol for recognizing the need to educate all of our communities about stable tokens!

Want to know more?
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