Ride The Cosmos

Want to know how to #RideTheCosmos with Inter Protocol? Let’s take a look below👇

:small_orange_diamond: Vote on governance proposals
:small_orange_diamond: Drive thought leadership on our forum
:small_orange_diamond: Meet fellow Riders on Discord
:small_orange_diamond: Host a Twitter Space with us


If you hold $BLD, this is how you can contribute:

:small_orange_diamond:Stake to support the network and earn rewards
:small_orange_diamond:Vote on gov. proposals for Agoric and Inter Protocol

:purse: Create Your Wallet: How to Create Your Agoric Wallet Address | by Team Chainapsis | Chainapsis | Medium
:ballot_box: Stake & Vote: Keplr Dashboard

Thought Leadership

Looking to share your take on the Parity Stability Module or discuss the newest governance proposal? We want to hear from you!

:writing_hand: Start a thread: Inter Protocol - Agoric Community Forum

Community Engagement

We update our community with events and fun campaign on the regular. Here’s a recent example


:people_wrestling: Join The Fun: http://inter.trade/discord

Twitter Spaces

Have a topic you think Inter Protocol can contribute to? We might be down to chat!

:studio_microphone: Send us a DM: https://twitter.com/inter_protocol

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