Validator Profile: Stake&Relax

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1ppydrmyjtjwetcz0qqktgeaamqzz3rualxagqy
Self Delegate Address: agoric1lkr8f5pfe2mdg8605mdllaumegnuu67rdu9x54
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Node): Germany, UK, Singapur, Australia

Stake&Relax is a dynamic and independet Validator. Started early 2022, while writing a scientific paper about PoS & the Cosmos ecosystem. Since then the Validator grow and we cover more and more Mainnets. Our DevOps is a well experianced IT consultant with more the 15 years of experiance. Our Server are distributed amoung various ISP’s and Locations to enforce decentralization and limit potential risks. Wookie is the mascot of the Validator and promotes to act rational and always relaxed.

The Motto is: Stake&Relax so you get Steak & Rolex :sunglasses:

We are live on 16 Mainnets:
Mainnet networks: $ATOM | $TIA | $BLD | $STRD | $NTRN | $PASG | $JUNO | $MARS | $EVMOS | $XPRT | $QSR | $ARCH | $NOM | $C4E | $NOIS | $PICA

We are live on 10 Testnets:
Testnet networks: $NOM | $JUNO | $ATOM | Cosmos ICS | $NTRN | $NOIS | $OKP4 | $NAM | $TIA | $QSR

Our contributions

  • Building a community
  • Writing Threads
  • Educating
  • Providing technical contributions:
  • IBC Relayer
  • Archive Nodes
  • RPC Nodes
  • Snapshots
  • State-sync
  • Seed Nodes
  • Testnet Nodes

Contact Info/Socials

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