Validator Profile: DSRV


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1wlagucxdxvsmvj6330864x8q3vxz4x02y2fcsc
Self Delegate Address: agoric1wlagucxdxvsmvj6330864x8q3vxz4x025j63ve
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): South Korea
DSRV is a blockchain infrastructure company that provides powerful and easy-to-use solutions to enable developers and enterprises to become architects of the future.

Driven by this mission of advancing the next internet by empowering builders, DSRV targets the foundational level through reliable validator services and multi-chain infrastructure products.

DSRV is home to an experienced and professional validator team with a proven track record across more than 40 global blockchain networks.

Awarded the Master Validator Certificate by Celo and appointed to the Near Validator Advisory Board (NVAB) by NEAR, DSRV is recognized globally for its technical excellence and expertise in operating nodes.

We validate on multiple chains like Agoric, Ethereum, Celo, Solana, Near, Flow, Polygon, Avalanche, Mina, Axelar, Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Umee, Provenance, Crescent, Tgrade, Shentu, AssetMentle, Aptos, Injective, Stargaze, Hyperlane, Wemix, Namada, Kyve, Sui and etc.

To further bolster chain security, we are also actively involved in validating on Testnets and Devnets, and have consistently ranked highly on numerous Incentivized Testnets (Shentu, Agoric, Umee, Archway, Cosmos Hub, Sei, Celestia, Sui), which serve to test validators.

Services provided by DSRV:

  • All That Node: AllThatNode is a Multi-chain development platform that supports RPC API, Node Sync service, and Faucets for developers in 20+ chains.
  • WELLDONE Studio: WELLDONE studio is a Multi-chain wallet, Remix IDE plug-in, and asset management platform. WELLDONE wallet was released last month with 6 networks including Cosmos Hub, Ethereum, Celo, Neon, Klaytn, and Solana. It’s going to add more and more networks further. And Remix IDE plug-in, called WELLDONE Code, supports Near, Celo, Klaytn, Aptos(beta), and Juno(beta)

Contact Info/Socials

Contributions to Agoric

  • Participated in Emerynet Validator
  • Run a chainlink oracle node on Mainnet/Devnet
  • Launch IBC relayers between Agoric and other protocols (in plan)
  • Develop node management tool: VATZ
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