Validator Profile: CryptoSailors


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper17cn500qdaqly0rqcp2alzewnggns997gq8l9s0
Self Delegate Address:agoric17cn500qdaqly0rqcp2alzewnggns997gslvvvw
Commission rate: 10
Location (Country): Netherlands
Description/Bio: We are a team focused on decentralizing networks and projects. We strive to choose non-popular places, locations, and hosting services for our infrastructure, where we deploy our nodes, ensuring decentralization. We also provide RPC provider services to projects like Lava Network, Axelar, and BwareLabs. Our servers are located in Europe, Asia, and the United States (East and West coasts). We have our own infrastructure in place to alert us about any issues or disruptions. Our team is geographically distributed across different countries, allowing us to respond promptly to issues at any time of the year.

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