Agoric OpCo 2023 Delegation Program Application

Hello Validators!

Agoric OpCo is happy to announce that applications for the 2023 Delegation Program are now open!

We invite you to complete our application questionnaire for the 2023 Agoric OpCo Delegation Program. The next round of the Delegation Program is open to new applicants, and requires validators who received BLD delegations in the previous rounds of the Delegation Program to re-apply in order to maintain their delegations.

Application form:

The attached questionnaire covers essential details that help us to guage the resilience and maturity of the Agoric network. The questions provide us with information about validators that includes; validator architecture, security practices, community contributions, and network operation expertise.

In order to be considered for the Delegation Program, validators must complete the application questionnaire in full before the deadline of June 30, 2023. Applicants will be judged based on answers provided and the criteria outlined in the Delegation Policy. Applications may take several weeks to review. As soon as Agoric OpCo has received completed applications we will begin the review process and will communicate updates to validators after all applications have been reviewed.

If you have questions about the delegation program, or if you would like to verify information about the program that you have learned from another source, you can reach out via Discord in the #opco-delegation channel or email to learn more.





Hello Validators,

Delegation decisions have been made and we have communicated our decisions via email. If you submitted an application the decision has been sent to the email address provided in your application.

If you applied and have not received an email from us then do the following;

  • Double check your spam folder
  • Reach out to me (JD) on Discord or send an email to

Thank you to all who applied and shared information to help gauge the security maturity of the Agoric network!

PS: Thank you for your patience through the application process :pray: