Agoric OpCo Roadmap Summary - July 2023

Greetings BLD Community!

To foster better transparency and keep you up to date on our progress, we’re introducing monthly roadmap summaries. These overviews will spotlight key achievements and give you a heads-up on our future plans.


Our Mainnet-1B upgrade was successful, bringing a plethora of key platform features that will see Agoric move toward becoming a general purpose smart contract platform

Inter Protocol launched their Vaults application, enabling users to mint the IST stable token with ATOM
:link: Inter Protocol


Our community components library went live, enabling developers to build their applications with open source plug-n-play contracts

Dean Tribble’s talk at Nebular conference dove into the power of programmable contracts, which Agoric is uniquely positioned to offer with our JavaScript smart contracts. See how async programming pushes the web3 envelope with use cases across Akash, Osmosis, and Calypso.

Agoric’s July community call covered a handful of important development milestones and what’s coming next across the Agoric ecosystem!

Agoric OpCo Delegation Program applications are closed and reviews completed. Next step is to begin coordination to distribute delegations to eligible validators.

For what’s coming next, please check our roadmap:

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