Validator Office Hours Notes (May 2023)

May 11, 2023


  • Overview of Mainnet 1B Platform Upgrades
  • Updates on Vaults Contract Implementation
  • Delegation Program Policy
  • Open Questions

Discussion Items

Mainnet 1B Platform Upgrades

  • Overview of the platform upgrades coming with Mainnet 1B
  • These features are currently live in devnet
  • Some validators have already tested new features - such as State Sync

Vaults Contract Implementation

  • High level overview of Vaults contracts
  • Contract deployment options and next steps:
    • Inter Protocol Vaults: Contract Implementations - #9 by rowland
    • After the upcoming software release validators will take the lead on bringing the new software to Emerynet ahead of progressing to mainnet.
    • The upgrade itself is a community decision, Agoric OpCo has shared two possible deployment options:
      1. Separate contract installation and deployment from chain upgrade, as expected for future third-party contract deployment
      2. Integrated installation and deployment of the Inter contracts, as was done with PSM installation
    • Next steps:
      • To kick off the launch process, members of the community should take the lead on next steps:
        • Join the dicsussion in the community forum
        • Discuss the deployment options outlined
        • Stay tuned to community spaces for updates (Forum, Discord, Twitter)
        • Participate in BLD governance

Delegation Program

  • Update and next steps for Agoric OpCo 2023 Delegation Program
    • Context:
    • The new Delegation Program Policy is available for review in the forum. This will be up for review for a couple of weeks leading up to the release of the application.
    • Delegation program application, which includes a questionnaire, will be shared in the forum and announced in Discord. Stay tuned for that.
    • The 2023 Delegation Program is open to new applicants, and participants from the previous rounds will need to reapply in order to retain delegations.

Open Questions:

  • Re: Vaults Implementation
  • Re: Community Calls:
    • Can we get a calendar for relevant Agoric community calls?
      • JD: Yes, I will work on this and share it in the community channels