Introducing the Agoric Upgrade Support Program

Hello Validators,

Agoric OpCo is excited to announce the launch of the Agoric Upgrade Support Program! This program is designed to support active participation and leadership for Agoric network chain upgrades. This initiative aims to elevate the role of Upgrade Lead, encouraging Agoric validators to step up and take on more responsibility and ownership over the chain upgrade process.

Enhancing Upgrades:

Smooth and efficient upgrades are vital for the reliability and stability of the Agoric network. This program focuses on supporting Upgrade Leads who coordinate with other validators to orchestrate successful chain upgrades efficiently and effectively.

Why Emerynet Matters:

Emerynet serves as the proving ground for software upgrades ahead of being promoted to mainnet. A robust Emerynet environment and efficient testing process is crucial for the success of Agoric mainnet. To closely mirror the mainnet’s operations, we need a highly active validator set and experienced mainnet operators, and Emerynet offers that environment.

Upgrade Lead Delegations:

While the existing Agoric OpCo delegation program supports testnet participation, we recognize the need to improve that support for validators to step into leadership roles. The Upgrade Support Program will provide an opportunity for BLD delegations to eligible validators who actively lead chain upgrades from Emerynet testing to mainnet deployment.

Incentive Structure:

The incentives include:

  1. Bonus Delegations:
  • As recognition for their efforts. The Upgrade Lead will receive 500,000 BLD delegated for 3 months.

Co-marketing Support:

  • Upgrade Leads will receive public recognition for their contributions from Agoric OpCo; including mentions and profile links in tweets about upgrades, and acknowledgments in forum posts.

Starting with the agoric-upgrade-16 upgrade cycle, eligible validators will receive delegations based on their participation as upgrade leads orchestrating the chain upgrade process.

Duration and Funding:

This program will run for a period of twelve months, beginning after the next chain upgrade. A delegation fund of 1,500,000 BLD will be allocated for this program.

Delegations will be allocated to an Upgrade Lead on a per-upgrade basis. This means that for each network upgrade one (1) validator who takes the lead role for an upgrade will receive delegations in recognition of their contributions.

If a validator leads more than one upgrade in a 3-month window then the period of delegation is reset to 3-months.

Selection Process:

It’s important to note that validators will be responsible for appointing and agreeing on an upgrade lead amongst themselves, not Agoric OpCo. Agoric OpCo is supporting the program with incentives, but discussions about which validator will lead are up to the community of validators.

Delegation Eligibility:

While any validator can step up or be selected by peers as an upgrade lead, there are some requirements in order to be eligible to receive delegation. If a validator leads but does not meet the requirements then they will not be eligible for delegation but may still be eligible for co-marketing support, subject to Agoric OpCo compliance review.

The following are requirements to be eligible to receive delegations from Agoric OpCo.

These terms are in line with the Agoric OpCo Delegation Program Policy

Upgrade Lead Expectations

  • Active leadership and coordination throughout the chain upgrade process (including Emerynet testing and validation, through to a mainnet proposal)
  • Communication and collaboration with validators and development teams.
  • Submission of detailed reports on milestone testing and participation in feedback sessions.

If you have any questions about the Upgrade Support Program please reply in this thread or reach out to JD in Discord in the mainnet validator #collaboration channel.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the success of Agoric.