Validator Profile: Wave

Wave is a team of 3 engineers structured around a DevOps and a BackEnd Engineer and a tech lead. We are CISCO certificated, with a long experience in infra management, SIEM implementation and Service Oriented Architecture.

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1m47vds3c4qj47hz57mumwc90ep7jcaxg9ck8xv
Self Delegate Address: agoric1m47vds3c4qj47hz57mumwc90ep7jcaxg4q9w6d
Commission rate:: 5%
Location (Country) : France

Security & Reliability:
We are working with dedicated servers across the globe for better support and backup, we believe that the infrastructure for all the projects we are supporting should be very secure, easy to maintain and have almost perfect uptime.
We are sticking to the best practice with Sentries → relay nodes → validator → HSM.
We monitor with special dedicated tools all the health features of our validator nodes, consensus participation and timely updates. We are 24/7 available.
We do participate in the devnet and mainnet of every chain we are validating. We provide RPC endpoints and relayers services. Our Osmosis <> Agoric relayer has already relayed more than 10 000 txs.

Mail: Contact @ 0xwave DOT com
Security contact: Wave0x @proton DOT me
Discord: @ Waves#9228 - Telegram: @ WaveWays

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