Validator profile: KingSuper


Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1fy8r6zq3dde6n7ak6eqy5zsrp3s7sz833dmv32
Self Delegate Address: agoric1fy8r6zq3dde6n7ak6eqy5zsrp3s7sz83p4g9dt
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): India
Description/Bio: We have been validating since early 2020 and currently validate 28 networks. We have vast experience in validating Cosmos SDK-based chains. We were the top scorer in the Agoric Incentivized Testnets, actively participating and contributing to Agoric from the early stages.

Services provided to delegators: Staking insurance in the event of slashing

Contact Info/Socials


Staking Guide: How to Stake Agoric BLD ?

Operates Devnet Validator:

Proposal Bot

We host a bot which can poll proposals directly from the chain and post it into discord, well formatted and tag a specific role to inform about the new proposal. This reduces the headache of the team to post every proposal manually.

Not only that, it has all the necessary links:

  1. Link to proposal on explorer
  2. Link to keplr where one can connect their wallet and vote

We recently made a bunch of improvements to it: Governance Bot Improvements

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