Nebular Summit Paris 2023 - Dean Tribble Keynote

Dean Tribble gave a keynote presentation at Nebular Summit in Paris that is available on the Agoric YouTube channel with timestamps - :point_right: watch it here :point_left:


  • Intro to Agoric: General Purpose Platform

  • Why JavaScript is key to web3 adoption

  • Recent upgrades:

    • state sync
    • oracle network
    • contract upgrades
  • Inter Protocol, IST, and Vaults application launch

  • Programmability:

    • Liquidations w/ JavaScript smart contracts
    • Oracle Price Feed (async style)
    • Async offers among contracts
    • Account refill on Akash
    • Unbond LP position on Osmosis
  • Q3 2023 Roadmap (app partners & dev program)

  • Additional use cases for Agoric smart contracts