Dean Tribble's Gateway to Cosmos Talk: "Agoric, IST and whats next?"

Agoric, IST and whats next?

Dean Tribble gave a talk at Gateway to Cosmos covering all of the latest updates and news about Agoric, Inter Protocol, and IST. Watch a recording of the talk here:

Key points and topics:


  • What’s the hardest thing to scale in blockchain? Number of programmers
    • Quick summary of the current crypto developer ecosystem and how Agoric aims to scale that with Hardened JavaScript.
  • Market perspective: Comparing DeFi and Web3 to Fintech


  • The General Purpose Platform
    • JavaScript smart contracts
    • Integrated economy
    • Best in-class component model
  • Components overview:
    • NFT legos
    • DeFi legos
    • IBC ecosystem
  • High level roadmap
    • Mainnet 1: Economy backpone
    • Mainnet 2: Permissioned apps
    • Mainnet 3: Permissionless apps
  • Overview of Mainnet 1B release candidate live on Emerynet
    • Platform upgrades mentioned can be reviewed in depth in the previous forum post here


  • Explanation of of IST collaterlization (PSM+Vaults) and Reserve Pool
    • Vaults contracts in-depth overview from previous forum post here
  • Kado integration plans
    • Instant access to IST using fiat
    • API for developers to onboard new users
  • IST for other chains
    • Akash: Use IST to pay for cloud services as they arrange to accept new forms of payment
    • Omniflix: Pay for NFTs and event tickets using IST

What’s Next?

  • Mainnet 2 apps
    • Calypso: Interchain Dashboard
    • Crabble: NFT rental protocol
  • Metamask Wallet Support
    • Metamask Snaps: How Agoric’s Hardened JavaScript enables the Metamask wallet to connect to Cosmos
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