Agoric at ETH Denver: Orchestration Splash, Chain Abstraction, ATOM Denver

Hello Agoric Community!

The Agoric Systems team will be busy this week at ETH Denver and has a lot to say about Orchestration. If you’re around ETHDenver, stop by one of our talks, panels, or co-hosted events!

Feb 27: AppChain Day, by @DoraHacks:

Feb 27: Orchestration Splash, by @agoric:

Feb 28: Chain Abstraction Day, by @agoric, @NEARProtocol, and @FrontierDotTech:

Feb 28: ATOM Denver, by @Cryptocito:

March 1: Frictionless, by @ShadeProtocol:

Recording of Dean’s first talk at ETH Denver:

Post with links to each of Dean’s talks from our first day of events:

Dean’s ATOM Denver talk:

The IBC Expansion for Appchains panel (feat. Dean Tribble) recording is now available: