Inter Protocol - May 2023 Recap

Let’s take a moment to recap everything we’ve been building in May:

:newspaper: The updated Inter Protocol Litepaper v1.0 is LIVE! We condensed the highlights here:

:thread:We dropped a thread covering everything you need to know about how we designed IST to be resilient:

:man_swimming: A governance proposal enabling Superfluid Staking for OSMO / BLD and OSMO / IST pools on Osmosis passed! More info here:

:writing_hand: Check out our blog series offering a deep dive into all aspects of Inter Protocol’s Vaults! Inter Protocol

:studio_microphone: We held our monthly Community Call to discuss how we’ve been excitedly preparing for the upcoming launch of Vaults! Missed it? Read our wrap-up or tune in to the recording:

:trophy: We launched a thrilling “Inter The Vaults” challenge to put our community to the test, and we weren’t disappointed! Congratulations to the winning participants who got together and deciphered the 15-character-long code with two days to spare:

:moneybag: The Social Media Showdown ended, and participants from our community shared a prize pool of 3,000 BLD:

And it’s a wrap! Follow us at to stay updated on the latest IST and Vaults developments!