Inter Protocol - Q1 Recap

Q1 of 2023 was a blast at Inter Protocol. :boom:

We penned this quarterly wrap-up, so you can get up to speed with everything we’ve built, and what the community has to look forward to for the rest of 2023.

Let’s start unpacking March :point_down:

:heavy_check_mark: Registrations for Vaults testnet beta is complete. We closed registrations for the Vaults testnet beta after some of our most involved community members signed up to get hands-on with Vaults! Stay tuned to be reminded when testing begins!

:studio_microphone: Community Call #10. Market volatility got the best of crypto Twitter in March! So we hopped on our Community Call #10 with experts from the EC to filter through the noise. Missed it? Fortunately, we wrapped it up into a thread for you:

:moneybag: The Social Media Showdown is LIVE for a couple of more weeks! Hop on Crew3 (now Zealy), complete a few easy tasks on social media, and rise up the ranks in the leaderboard to win a share of the 3000 BLD prize pool!

Here’s everything that went down in February — wrapped up into a sweet :thread::

We covered the events of January in a :thread: too!

And here’s a quick summary of what we achieved in 2023 so far!

:white_check_mark: Roadmap revealed
:white_check_mark: PSM goes live
:white_check_mark: DAI / CMST / IST stableswap on Osmosis
:white_check_mark: Borrow and lend IST on Umee
:white_check_mark: IST listing on Sei Network
:white_check_mark: Vaults testnet registrations

With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek at what we’re looking forward to for the rest of 2023:
:small_orange_diamond:Vaults will be your portal to the $10B+ interchain economy — allowing you to mint IST against collateral like ATOM!
:small_orange_diamond:The Dutch auction liquidation model is under development!
:small_orange_diamond: We’re building a reserve pool for IST
:small_orange_diamond: Later this year, we’ll offer bounties to incentivize devs in our community to build valuable tools and infrastructure for IST and Inter Protocol!

We loved being at Interop Summit at ETHDenver this year, so here’s a list of future events you can expect to see us at: Consensus, Gateway, Nebular, and Cosmoverse.

And… that’s a wrap! Remember to follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest developments of IST: