Our Whitepaper is Open for Suggestions

Greetings, everyone!:star_struck:

Starting today, we’ve opened up the Inter Protocol Whitepaper for suggestions.:writing_hand:

Whether it’s about product development, Economic Committee decisions, or even new governance proposals, now is your chance to have your say in shaping our whitepaper and the future of $IST.

We want to hear from you!:black_nib:

Simply, visit the whitepaper draft and start commenting on the doc. You’ll earn yourself a Contributor role in our Discord for doing so.

We’re excited to see your ideas!:brain::nerd_face:

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Pretty cool of y’all to open the whitepaper for community members to share feedback! I only had a few comments that were pretty much piggy backing on others but I am happy to have the chance to share my feedback!


Hey JDLorax,
Thank you for sharing your feedback for our Whitepaper. We really appreciate it, stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t offer too many suggestions, on content, but gave some proof-reading.

I’m just new to this forum, but for some reason I am getting an error trying to connect my discord account. here is my name there: max#7580

Ok, I do have one suggestion, maybe for V2… but I would love to see ways to prevent vaults from falling under their collatoralization ratio.

Maybe some type of insurance fund that users can pay into, that will fund their vault in case its just short by some small amount.

I can’t remember but I know of at least one protocol that has some mechanisms to protect users from liquidation, that would be a great route for exploration.

Perhaps I can dig up that reference

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Feel free to add the suggestion in the whitepaper draft doc, thanks once again for the contribution. Would you mind telling me what error you are facing while writing in our Discord?

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updated, thanks!

its here on the forum, in my settings when when trying to verify and connect my discord acct. I click that “connect link

and it says invalid OAuth2 redirect