Validator Profile: Dora Factory

Validator Name: Dora Factory

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1tld8vujpmr64p2dlyfwd8pjtduywwc63u4z2ts
Self Delegate Address: agoric1tld8vujpmr64p2dlyfwd8pjtduywwc63vd3rh3
Commission rate: 5%
Location (Country): Singapore, South Korea, APAC
Description/Bio: Mainnet Agoric validator. Dora Factory is a not-for-profit validator, where 90% of the yield generated is dedicated to providing developer grants, hackathon funding, bounty rewards, and maintaining public goods for the Agoric Community. These developer incentives will be available to all Agoric community members on the DoraHacks platform, and the yield generated from the Dora Factory validator, will ensure everlasting funding for Agoric developers, regardless of external market conditions

An Agoric “GrantDAO” can also be deployed on-chain by our devops team which creates a perpetual funding opportunity for developers to receive grants from a quadratic matching pool. A brief overview of how a Dora GrantDAO operates can be found at the below link:

The node is configured in accordance with the recommendations of the Agoric team.

The validator team consists of 5 devops engineers located in different time zones.

Other mainnets that we validate:
Aptos, Cardano, Cosmos Hub, Evmos, Injective, Noble, AssetMantle, Cronos, Nolus, Stargaze

Other testnets that we validate:
Babylon chain, Zetachain, Althea Network, Nibiru, Dymension, Denom & Noria, Nolus, Composable Finance, etc.

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