OCapN: CapTP interop with Spritely Networked Communities, Cap'n Proto,

Last October, the Spritely Institute announced:

But the history of the project goes back considerably further:

CapTP is something which has been implemented many times. The first “open” version of CapTP was implemented in the E programming language (which itself was a continuation of the technical core of the ambitious Electric Communities Habitat distributed virtual worlds project), though there have been many other (but incompatible) implementations since, such as in Cap’N Proto, Agoric’s current implementation, and Spritely’s Goblins implementation. We are hoping to unify our work in the OCapN project.

For Agoric, CapTP is a key layer that extends Hardened JavaScript into a Distributed Object Framework for use in smart contracts. The same protocol should let us bridge to Spritely networked communities, virtual worlds, and all sorts of decentralized cooperative arrangements.

You’re welcome to jump right in to the ocapn repository to check out the current work in detail.

Or if you’d like a more high level intro that presentations and articles can give, check out:

The group started monthly meetings in December. The next one is scheduled for March 24. It’s an open group, so you’re all welcome to participate.