IST Analytics Data - Should Vault Data be Suppressed?

While anyone can look up data pertaining to individual vaults, the publishing of individual vault data on the IST Analytics website perhaps is a little too much.

In terms of data analysis, one of the most important rules I was taught to follow to protect peoples privacy was to suppress data if the number of observations in a category was less than X. For example, student achievement data at the school level is often suppressed for certain racial/ethnic minority groups because there are so few students of that group attending the school.

Data suppression practices are common across many other fields such as public safety and public health to protect peoples privacy.

While the info provided on the analytics page is very helpful, I believe it could be refined to better protect individual vault owners privacy without loosing much value in terms of transparency. I worry that how public the information has been made is perhaps discouraging some to open vaults.

Just wondering what others think about this.

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