External incentives for Osmosis Pools

Hi, I’m Jacob Gadikian (twitter.com/gadikian) from Notional validator (twitter.com/notionaldao)!

Our delegator has asked us if it is possible to put incentives on Osmosis pools, I think for BLD itself, though I also see a post about putting incentives on IST.

Thank you for kicking off the convo with us!


I personally believe that if proposals to incentivize the BLD/OSMO and or the IST/OSMO pools, parallel Osmosis governance proposals to enable superfluid staking (SFS) status and match the BLD external incentives should be voted on as well.

The BLD/OSMO currently has:
a) more liquidity and a higher seven day trading volume than SFS pools like DOT/OSMO, WAVAX/OSMO, WFTM.OSMO, and XPRT/OSMO;
b) more liquidity than SFS pool HUAHUA/OSMO;
c) roughly the same amount of liquidity and seven day trading volume as SFS pools WBNB/OSMO and WMATIC/OSMO.

The IST/OSMO pool has more liquidity than the USDT/OSMO pool, which Osmosis governance is currently voting on to enable SFS status and roughly the same seven day volume.