EC Elections are upon us

The terms of the six members Inter Protocol Economic Committee (EC) are set to expire on 15 September 2023. The EC charter sets out annual terms for the members, therefore it is time for the community to consider the composition of the EC for the next 12 months.

We’re pleased to announce that all present members of the EC have indicated their willingness to serve another term. The DCF feels that the present EC members have done an excellent job this first term, and that continuation of their service for another term is the least disruptive option and is healthy for the protocol. Accordingly, the DCF intends to initiate a community vote to endorse the continuation of the present EC members for another term (1 year).

Should any community members wish to propose an alternative roster of EC members, you are free to do so. Please do note that all potential candidates must satisfy the criteria described in the forum post About the Economic Committee category.

Note that the original discussion for electing an EC was posted on Commonwealth and for future reference it has been copied to an Establish an Economic Committee for Inter Protocol post on the forum.

The EC membership proposal will be open for a discussion period of 10 days, after which voting will begin on the signaling proposal.

Additionally, there is a second, related, proposal. Last year the community requested that DCF provide the funding to support the EC for its first year of operation. The funding has two components: The EC’s operating budget, and the stipends paid quarterly to the EC members. DCF handled both expenses last year. For the coming year, DCF is willing to continue the stipend payments, but would request that the operating budget for the EC be provided from the Community Fund. The operating budget last year was US$50,000. DCF will also be raising a signaling proposal for discussion and voting of the funding issue.