Big News at Agoric: AppJam at Cosmoverse, Liquid Staked ATOM for Vaults

I found myself sharing the big news lately with colleagues beyond the Agoric community. Might as well share it here too:

  • AppJam at Cosmoverse in Istanbul: 4 Apps: Crabble, Calypso, KREAd, Inter Protocol
  • taking Inter Protcol Vaults to the next level with Liquid Staked ATOM (stATOM) as collateral

AppJam at Cosmoverse

Dean’s talk at Cosmoverse is a good way to get the whole AppJam story, along with the extended Agoric ecosystem.

I particularly like the slide with the first cohort of permissioned apps:

The extended ecosystem part of the talk is cool too:

I didn’t attend the event in person, but…
A pic of folks playing super smash brothers in the Agoric AppJam room is one of my favorites :slightly_smiling_face:

The cohort of 4 apps: Crabble, Calypso, Inter Protocol, and KREAd

Of the 4 dApps, 2 are third-party dapps that are not quite launched:

One is Inter Protocol , a 1st-party app that launched back in Oct '22 with a big update June '23.

And one is our first production third-party dapp:

From Mainnet App Update: KREAd Dynamic NFT Builder:

We would like to re-introduce KREAd by Kryha, part of the first cohort of applications launching on Agoric mainnet and the first implementation of dynamic NFTs on Agoric. Using KREAd and the underlying open source tools (Gnab Gib), users can mint characters that come equipped with items in the form of semi-fungible tokens (SFT) that can be replaced to customize the character’s appearance and attributes.

The BLD stakers voted to launch it on chain Oct 1, just in time for Cosmoverse.

At the conference, users were able to mint their own NFTs on mainnet.

Vote to take Inter Protcol Vaults to the next level with Liquid Staked ATOM (stATOM) as collateral scheduled for 16 Oct

Note that IBC is the way Agoric contracts transact in stATOM, issued by the Stride blockchain…
…as well as ATOM from the cosmos hub, USDC/USDT/DAI from Axelar or Gravity.

The Map of Zones is my favorite visualization of the IBC-connected interchain:

Invitation: Community Calls, Office Hours

If you want to talk with us about what’s up at Agoric, our events include community calls and office hours of various sorts.

I hold dev office hours Wednesdays at 9amPT. All are welcome. Notes with video recordings are the norm. All episodes have at least a tab dump of the links discussed in the session.

Note: due to travel, I might not be there next week, 18 Oct.