Agoric Cosmos Hub Proposal

Agoric Cosmos Hub Proposal has been posted to the Cosmos Hub forum.

This proposal is to pilot an allocation of 4% of Cosmos Community Pool’s idle ATOM for liquid staking on Stride (stATOM) and Persistence (stkATOM) and use these tokens throughout the Cosmos Ecosystem to deepen liquidity while generating value for the Hub. The staked assets will deposit stATOM and stkATOM into Inter Protocol Vaults to mint IST and provide LP to numerous liquidity pools throughout the Cosmos ecosystem. This increases the Community Pool’s capital efficiency of the idle ATOM, earning a projected yield of 18-19% annually on deposited ATOM. This proposal increases ecosystem use, increases network effects, deepens liquidity in Cosmos, strengthens relationships, and earns a high net yield for the Cosmos Hub. After an initial 3-month period, an additional 6% will be allocated to achieve a 10% total allocation of Community pool to earn these ecosystem and staking rewards, deepening Cosmos liquidity throughout various appchains.

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Cosmos Hub governance proposal 899 has been submitted.
View the full details of the proposal via IPFS: ipfs://Qmc35ypBFE96xFuSgoBMLSpVYJtEy5WUXmoLyBz2vfngKn

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DCF / Agoric Community Spend Proposal

Governance Proposal 899 allocating an initial 4% of the Cosmos Community Pool’s ATOM to be used to generate value for the Hub passed on 16 April 2024 with 60.1% turnout and 61.5% yes votes.

The DCF / Agoric Community Spend Proposal is now live for voting: