About the Community Guidelines category

In this category you will find the Agoric community Code of Conduct, Rules and Moderation Policy.

Our code of conduct is an adaptation of the open source Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, with minor modifications to tailor it for Agoric. Our community rules and moderation policy are influenced by and derived from the Code of Conduct.

The Contributor Covenant code of conduct is tailored for open-source communities and designed to promote an ethical, respectful, safe and inclusive environment for contributors; including BLD stakers, validators, developers and contributors. Contributor Covenant’s Code of Conduct is the first and most popular open-source code of conduct and has been adopted by a number of projects including; Linux, Google Open Source, GoLang, Tensorflow, Node.js, React, OpenJS Foundation, and over one hundred other open source communities.

Rules of Engagement

Treat conversation in this forum as you would in other public spaces such as a park, community centre or a townhall. Our rules of engagement and code of conduct are not intended to be rules to censor people or conversations, rather, they are in place to promote healthy discourse so that community members can share knowledge, interests and skills.

  • Every community member plays a role when it comes to making this forum a great place for discussions. Discussions here matter to the community and everyone benefits by people being respectful of discussions, even if you disagree with what is being said.

  • Remember the human! Be respectful and treat people you engage with online as you would treat them IRL.

  • Criticize ideas, not people. When you disagree with a post or comment please do so constructively focusing on the content instead of the person. Please avoid at all costs:

    • Name calling
    • Ad-hominem attacks
    • Insulting ideas
    • Knee-jerk reactions
  • Keep it civil. Don’t post knowingly offensive or intentionally abusive comments and content.

  • Keep the forum clean and organized. Please avoid posting a topic in the wrong category or cross-posting the same thing in multiple topics.

  • No price discussions; this includes speculation, token valuation, trade talk and investment advice.

  • This is a community space free from advertisements, promotions and giveaways. Do not post unsolicited referral links, or Discord/Telegram channel invitations.

  • Moderators, admins, and Agoric OpCo team members will NEVER DM asking you to send money or share your private keys. Never, EVER, share your mnemonic with anyone.

  • Anyone found to be sending suspicious DMs or impersonating a mod will be banned upon notice and without warning.

This forum is maintained by members of Agoric OpCo and you, the Agoric community. With your help moderators can play a facilitator role rather than policing the forum.

If you see something concerning, flag it.
If you see something interesting, like it.
If you have questions, ask them!