Validator Profile: Tessellated

Validator Name

Valoper Address: agoricvaloper1rjsqwx2arcx9mz0ldtm44ytkfd3l60crvyxhku
Self Delegate Address: agoric1rjsqwx2arcx9mz0ldtm44ytkfd3l60cruu472a
Commission rate: 10%
Location (Country): USA

Tessellated is run by Keefer Taylor. Keefer has contributed to several MEV Solutions for validators across the space (Polygon Fastlane, Tezos Flashbake, Currently @ Skip Protocol) and has cofounded several DeFi Protocols (Moonwell, Kolibri). Tessellated collaborates with additional engineers on an as-needed basis to make sure we’re continously producing blocks.

Tessellated started operating validators in 2018, and we now operate 11 validator nodes on Tendermint networks, validate on an additional 6 networks. In total, we operate over 25 nodes to ensure our operation is decentralized and not dependent on external infrastructure. We’ve received various foundation delegations for our contributions and operational excellence across networks, and we’ve served on the Polygon Advisory Board, as an advisor to Skip Protocol, and have consulted with various large name companies in the validator space.

Tessellated runs on bare metal servers from We use remote signers for all Tendermint networks on which we operate, and we physically own the hardware that contains keys. Our Agoric signer uses an HSM, and the key was generated on an airgapped machine.

Our infrastructure setups are nearly completed automated, and we continually monitor our networks with a custom monitoring solution, including dead man’s switches (we monitor our monitoring :slight_smile: ) and port probing.

Services provided to delegators:

We are in the process of spinning up IBC Relayer Operations, and we’ve made significant progress at spinning up relayer operations in the last few weeks. We expect our relayer presence to increase over time as we further productionize our service, and plan to relay on channels between Agoric and all other Tendermint networks on which we operate.

As part of this work, we’ve identified several pain points that we’ve begun writing software to solve and have working prototypes of. Specifically, we hope that over the next 1-2 quarters to open source:

  • YubiHSM based signing for Cosmos Account Transactions
  • Automation to fund and manage a relayer’s treasury across networks
  • Automation for identifying active IBC channels and detecting packet backlogs across Tendermint networks

We hope to have an update here soon! Watch this space!

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